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Combat Athlete ReConditioning Program

The Combat Athlete ReConditioning team delivers Warrior Yoga, Tactical Strength & Conditioning, Warrior Nutrition, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Survival, and Bushcraft, and Weapons training to Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warrior Athletes.  Our team of instructors is made up of Veterans of the USMC, 82nd Airborne, Army Rangers, Law Enforcement, and French Foreign Legion.   We bring a high intensity mindset and skill building success to our training programs.  


TRACK A:  Directed at the SFHW Warrior Athlete that has been cleared to return to Active Duty and reintegrate with their unit.  We provide them with the best instructors and training available and it is our goal to ensure the highest state of combat readiness upon reintegration.


TRACK B: Directed at the SFHW Warrior Athlete who has or will be medically discharged and needs to learn new tools for self preservation and home defense due to the degree of their injuries.


                                  It is not a work out, but a work in.......


It is an integrative mind-body program providing Combat Athletes with tools for injury prevention, strict discipline, sustained mental focus, enhanced marksmanship skills, integrative strength and flexibility, and the ability to sustain calmness while in a disruptive environment.


Our regenerative "prehab" fitness model enhances power, proprioception, speed, agility, quickness, breath control, balance and core strength. The Combat Athlete is like no other athlete on earth. They receive no preparation time before their event.  They become aware of the physical requirements of that event as they unfold. They have little information for the ground that event will be played on, the temperature it will be played at, or the duration of time it will cover.  


But what does that mean in terms of how they prepare?

It means that the Combat Athlete has to prepare for literally everything. All the traditional athletic avenues: strength, power, endurance, flexibility and agility. The difference is the proportion. A marathoner does not have the same physical requirements as a football player, therefore while there may be some crossover in their training methodologies, the proportionate times are relative to the activity of choice. The Combat Athlete has no such specificity.  


The Combat Athlete must be agile and powerful, with a high strength-to-mass ratio.  He or she must also have good cardiovascular endurance. Both are requirements of the job and both may aid in a life-saving situation. They must be concerned with injury prevention and reactivity to ensure career longevity. They must be able to come out of long periods of idle behavior without fear of their body failing them. The Combat Athlete must have the work capacity to perform a variety of tasks successfully in order to do their job well. He or she must be able to cover ground quickly and efficiently, jump, climb, dive, crawl, duck, evade, grapple, pursue and any number of other movement descriptions at any given time.


Training methods commonly learned early on or through traditional mass-media are not as effective for the Combat Athlete.  Training for them is not about look or performance (though both are side benefits), but about lifestyle. Excess bulk will only serve to slow them down, but minimal mass will not allow them a level playing field with heavier opponents. The ability to maneuver with equipment and kit must also be a concern, so solid core strength must be included in training. The creation of strength and power can be achieved without the addition of excess mass by improving the body’s ability to overcome force from a variety of angles and overcoming instability in body position or contact points.


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Elijah Sacra

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Weapons & Tactics

Brazilian Jujitsu

Survival & Bushcraft

Tactical Strength & Conditioning

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Steve Reichert USMC Ret.

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"LOVE is the highest art.  In ancient times you trained hard, not for the sake of killing people, but for the love of your family: for the love of your mother. your father, your children, your tribe, and your body.  It is the love of life.  That's why we train so hard,

so you can preserve life."  Dan Inosanto



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